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Agricultural Wireless Video

At Jansen Electronics, we specialize in meeting the video technology needs of the agricultural industry. For effective use in agricultural applications, a camera system must be rugged, durable, easy to install, easy to use and accurate. Our agricultural wireless systems are carefully constructed with these requirements in mind. They are also proven 100% effective at helping to safeguard your valuable property and operations. For outbuilding video, watching stock during transport or montoring implements such as grain augers, our wireless systems will become that extra eye exactly where you need it.

Agricultural Wireless Outbuilding Video

Monitor animals, outbuildings, barns or remote areas

The wireless outbuilding video system is perferct for uses such as monitoring fowling horses, remote problem areas, or any other hard to see areas. It transmits both video and audio to your existing TV video/audio inputs. This complete system is designed with the needs of agricultural managers in mind. It yeilds 500 to 800 foot unobstructed range and the high power upgrade approximately doubles range. This system employs Clear Pix Technology which is not effected by wireless networks, cordless phones, or microwaves like the cheap stuff. This system is very reliable and will prove to extra watchful eye.

Wireless Grain Camera

Multiple uses around the farm. No cables to run.

The wireless grain camera simply offers the easiest installation and versatility of any camera system available. Use on grain cart augers, rear vision grain cart viewing, planters, rear of semi tractors to monitor trailer filling, anywhere you need an extra eye without climbing or crawling. You only need a 12 volt DC source such as the grain cart light, flick the light on, and the camera powers up. Farm equipment is “seasonal,” so it makes sense to only purchase one system, extra camera power cables and mounts and move your system vs. wired systems that are difficult to rotate.

Wireless Horse Trailer Camera

The extra "eye" and peace of mind for transport of horses or other animals.

The wireless horse trailer monitor is an excellent tool for the professional transporter or the hobbyist alike. Stay on the move and have the security of knowing that everything is ok saving you time and fuel from frequent stops. Professional transporters can benefit by offering their customers a higher level of service and safety. Video outputs and inputs are also provided on the integrated 5 inch color monitor to provide optional recording/playback if ever necessary.